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This tiramisu recipe is absolute heaven!


Mix egg yolks with sugar, add rum and mascarpone. Beat until the mix becomes smooth, slightly foamy. Apply the egg white to a hard foam, gently mix it with the cream. The ladyfingers are soaked in the coffee so that they are half flushed. Place half of the cream on top of the lady fingers in an appropriate size bowl. There is another layer of ladyfingers and then the remaining cream. Multiple layers may be required if necessary. Before serving, keep it for at least 120 minutes in the refrigerator. It is recommended to dust the top with the cocoa powder just before consumption.


Many cooks use other cakes, sweet or breads, such as panettone, instead of ladyfingers.


500 g Mascarpone
4 eggs
200 g sugar
200 g ladyfingers
3 dl coffee
1 dl of rum
cocoa powder for dusting the top

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