White Cheese

A 'fetta' of Double Cream is a nice, but not the only way to enjoy white cheese.

Traboulsi Cheese/Baladi Cheese

"Baladi" means "local" in Arabic, and so Baladi cheeses are those locally made by farmers, rich in flavour and in tradition. This unique product replicates the taste, freshness and originality of local Baladi cheeses but with a shelf life of months, instead of the week or so for which Baladi cheeses traditionally last. This allows the wider world to revel in the flavours of Baladi cheese in a way they never could have before. We sometimes call this unique cheese (found only at Kőröstej) by the name of "Traboulsi" cheese, meaning "cheese from Tripoli", the hometown of company founder Dr. Riad Naboulsi.

Sizes and Packing225g4kg Average nutritients in 100g product
  • Energy
  • 1083kJ/261kcal
  • Protein
  • 13.2g
  • Carbohydrate
  • 2.6g
  • Fat
  • 22g
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