Processed Cheese

We use only the highest quality cheese and ingredients in our processed cheese plant in southern Hungary.

Processed Cheese Portions (Round Box)

Our round box cheese portions bring joy and happiness to children and adults alike. We use the very best spices to create the most perfect flavours- besides red pepper and green herbs, even the plain, unflavoured natural triangles provide an explosion of delightful taste.

Sizes and Packing140g120g100gFlavoursNaturalHerbsRed PepperExpiry

4-12 months

Average nutritients in 100g product
  • Energy
  • 776-1143kJ/187-276kcal
  • Protein
  • 8-10g
  • Carbohydrate
  • 4-5g
  • Fat
  • 15-24g
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