Kőröstej wins the Innovation Prize of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

Budapest, March 28, 2018 - Kőröstej has received another recognition thanks to the successful introduction of new innovations.

With the unique packaging of the new type of cream cheese, the company won the Innovation Award of the National Intellectual Property Office in 2017. The award was received by Dr. Riad Naboulsi, owner of the Kőröstej Group, on the 28th of March, 2018 in the House of Parliament.

With the introduction of Spreadable cream cheese in both glass jars and plastic cups Kőröstej has achieved product, technological and technical development. In the manufacture of classical processed cheese, cheese are typically cooked from other milk based and non–milk based ingredients which are then separated and cooled. Thanks to the technological innovations, Kőröstej uses cheese obtained directly from fresh milk as a raw material for Hajdú Spreadable Cream Cheese in both glass jars and plastic cups formats. With direct and continuous processing, temporary storage and packaging of raw materials can be omitted, which, besides cost-effectiveness, can also lead to lower environmental impact.

It is important for the company to make innovations year by year that keep them in the forefront of innovation, giving them a market lead with Kaskaval cheese, grill cheese, white cheese, Labneh, parenica and processed cheese in different regions. After being successfully introduced in seven countries, the Hajdu cream cheese in glass jar was also introduced in the Hungarian market, winning the Product of the Year Award.

The outstanding innovation performance award can be given in five categories in addition to the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize. The competition was attended by companies registered in Hungary that, with their outstanding innovation performance in 2017, also achieved significant business benefits. The jury is made up of scientists invited by the Board of the Hungarian Innovation Foundation, senior economic experts and chaired by Dr. József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

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