​Hajdú Labneh yogurt cheese has won the Product of the Year Award in Hungary

Hajdú yogurt cheese, a product distributed by Kőröstej, has won the 2016 Product of the Year Award, in the cheese category. The award is based on consumer opinions. 95% of tasters were largely satisfied with the product, which is not only popular locally but also abroad.

Kőröstej received first-place award in cheese category

It was in 2012, when the Product of the Year Award was launched in Hungary. That is one of the most important reward system for innovative products, based on consumer choice. Manufacturers and distributors may sign up their new innovative products, and compete in different product groups. Based on a survey of 2000 people released by GfK Hungária, this year Hajdú Labneh yogurt cheese is the winner of its category. The yogurt cheese, which is known as Labneh in its homeland, is the favorite cream cheese in the Mediterranean area and in the Middle East. There are almost no days without this cheese on family tables.

The distributor has subsequently decided to introduce the Hajdú yogurt cheese into the Hungarian market, when the product has experienced a huge international success, after being awarded with the silver medal during the Austrian Käsiade Cheese Olympics. The Hajdú yogurt cheese has provided full satisfaction during the tasting tests. The whey generated during the manufacture of cheese, creates the healthiest components. Thanks to this, the moderate-fat cheese specialty contains valuable, easily digestible whey proteins, essential amino acids and minerals.

During the GFK Hungária survey made on the yogurt cheese, 95% of respondents were satisfied, while among women the figure was even higher, 98%! Not only the taste and the texture of Hajdu’s yogurt cheese were appreciated, but also its versatility. Alone with fresh bread or in salads, as a gourmet dip basis or in sweets, it is also perfectly suited for cheese cake.

The product is not only succesful in Hungary, but also in more than 20 countries of the European Union and the Middle East.

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