Hajdú cheeses have brought home gold and silver medals from the Käsiade Cheese Olympics

At the Tirolean competition, Kőröstej has applied with two cheeses, HAJDÚ grill cheese and HAJDÚ Labneh yogurt cheese. As the only Hungarian prize winner, both products have received recognition in their category. The Hajdú Grill Cheese has received a gold medal and the Hajdú Labneh yogurt cheese a silver medal.

„Käsiade” is a major international contest of cheese makers, where the best quality cheeses are rewarded in Tirol. The products were judged by 42 international jury members, with special emphasis on taste and texture. A total of 12 countries participated at the contest, including Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Spain and Denmark, from which a lot of applications were received. About 450 cheeses were competing.

One of the cheeses in not yet available in Hungary

The success of the two cheeses is not accidental: with a special process and using a unique recipe, HAJDÚ grill cheese has been awarded by the Hungarian audience, when it won the 2014 Product of the Year Award, based on consumer votes. The HAJDÚ Labneh yogurt cheese has obtained the impressive score of 98 out of 100, during the II. Artisanal Cheese Producers Contest, and has won the gold medal a few weeks ago.

The silver medallist in Tyrol, the Labneh yogurt cheese's name is, however, not yet familiar for the Hungarians, since it went only on sale in export markets, where it has gained serious popularity. However, the good news for Hungarian cheese lovers, that this easily digestible, unique product,rich in whey protein, will be available from mid-2015 on store shelves.

The organizers were surprised by the quality of our cheese

We managed to talk to the President of the Organizing Committee, with Mr. Stefan Hörtnagl during the awards ceremony. As he explained, the jury was frankly surprised that Kőröstej is able to produce such high-quality cheeses, under large scale conditions, such as HAJDÚ grilled cheese and HAJDÚ Labneh yogurt cheese. During the announcement of the results, the organizers have stressed repeatedly the importance of high quality, and at the end of the competition the "Peak of the Quality" award was declared, which was won by a Swiss cheese manufactory with Edam-type of cheese.

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