Celebrating our Grill Cheese Family: In All Shapes & Forms

Our Grill Cheese is one of our finest products - and that is quite an achievement! We are not the only ones who think so - just ask the people of Tyrol, Austria, where our Hajdú Grill Cheese won the Gold Medal at the Käsiade Cheese Olympics.

Our Grill Cheese is inspired by Cypriot Halloumi cheese, and manufactured using the same traditions, except our Grill Cheese is made from pure cow’s milk. It is the market leader in Hungary, where we first introduced it and where it now enjoys about 70% of the market share. Since its introduction, it has become popular in both the Middle East and Europe, and its popularity continues to grow.

Our Hajdú Grill Cheese is perfect for frying or grilling, retaining its unique folded shape whilst becoming perfectly browned. It can be enjoyed grilled or fried, to be consumed while still piping hot, in sandwiches, with jam or chutney, alongside salads, toast, and just about anything else you can imagine. It can even be enjoyed raw, with a slice or two of watermelon, as it is eaten in the Middle East.

It can also serve perfectly as a gluten free ingredient in hot soups, diced up into squares, instead of pasta or noodles, thanks to the unique way in which it reacts to heat. We at Kőröstej have no limits to our imagination- and if your imagination is the same, then you will never run out of ways to enjoy Hajdú Grill Cheese!

A Timeline of Domestic Success

  • 2013: Hajdú Grill Cheese is launched on the Hungarian market.
  • 2014: Hajdú Grill Cheese wins Product of the Year in Hungary.
  • 2014: Hajdú Grill Cheese wins the Gold Medal at the "Käsiade" Cheese Olympics in Tyrol, Austria.
  • 2015: Hajdú Grill Cheese wins "Promotion of the Year" Award in Hungary (Trade Magazine, Nielsen).
  • 2016: Hajdú Pan & Fry Cheese is in introduced on the Hungarian market.
  • 2018: Hajdú "Grillenyica" Smoked Grill Cheese is introduced on the Hungarian market.
  • Present Day: Hajdú Grill Cheese holds 70% of the Hungarian Grill Cheese market share, according to Nielsen figures.

A Timeline of Global Success

  • 2013-2015: Our Grill Cheese is introduced to overseas markets, such as Jordan, Iraq, KSA, Germany and the UK, where it meets with great success.
  • 2016: Our Grill Cheese begins to be exported back to Cyprus, a mark of honour as Cyrpus is the the birth-place of the original Halloumi Grill Cheese, and the Cypriots know their Grill Cheese better than anyone!
  • Present Day: Our Grill Cheese has now reached a remarkable number of countries.
    • Middle East & Africa:
      • Lebanon (inc. Spinneys, Bou Khalil)
      • Jordan (inc. Carrefour, Cozmo)
      • Iraq
      • United Arab Emirates (inc. Spinneys, Carrefour)
      • Saudi Arabia (inc. Danube Mall)
      • Qatar
      • Kuwait
      • Bahrain
      • The Ivory Coast
    • Europe:
      • Hungary (inc. Auchan, Tesco, Spar, Lidl, Coop, Penny Market)
      • Cyprus
      • United Kingdom
      • Germany
      • France
      • Sweden
      • The Netherlands
      • Czech Republic (inc. Tesco)
      • Bulgaria (inc. Lidl)
      • Kosovo
    • Australasia:
      • Australia

Our Grill Cheese stands out. We have:

  • SPECIALISED technology
  • WELL TRAINED EXPERTS in Grill Cheese production
  • HIGH CAPACITY to meet high volume demands
  • ORIGINAL Grill Cheese recipe
  • HIGH QUALITY products with no compromise
  • PRACTICAL product which can be prepared in minutes, and in many different ways
  • VERSATILITY both in our product as well as our company, which is used to meeting all kinds of needs and demands- retail, catering, private labels- just about anything.

A Growing Product Family

We are constantly introducing new innovations. As of now, our product family consists of the following products, with many more still being planned and prepared- so watch this space in the near future for some outstanding new items!

  • Original Grill Cheese
    • Original Flavour
    • Mediterranean Herbs
    • Chili & Garlic
  • Pan & Grill Cheese
    • A lighter, softer alternative, with the taste of fresh milk, particularly suitable for pan-frying.
  • Smoked Grill Cheese
    • An original recipe combining Hungary’s love of smoked cheese with world’s love for grilling.

Alternate Packaging Possibilities

Our Grill Cheese is available in all shapes and sizes.

  • Vacuum-Sealed
  • Boxed Cartons
  • "Party Pack" Boxes (containing 3x items)
  • 1kg Blocks (for catering or home use)
  • 13kg Tins (In Brine)
  • Vacuum-Packaged Multi-Packs (containing 3-6 individually vacuum-wrapped items)

Whatever your Grill Cheese needs, we are happy to meet them.

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